Saturday, September 13, 2008

Criss Angel's Magic Revealed - The Mindfreak is Mindfu**ed!

With the recent popularity of Criss Angel and his show Mindfreak on AE, it seems that this time around the masked magician is heavily targeting some of the illusions Criss made famous on his show. As mentioned in the post below, these include “Crushed by a Steamroller, “Escaping Death by Wood Chipper,” “Walking on Water”. Are these tricks really magic or are they just clever ways to fool you? I would have to say that it is likely the latter. Criss Angel has become notorious for the use of stooges and video edits. It is likely that the lid will be blown off that secret this time around.


Billy said...

I love the Masked Magician show. Breaking The Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed. I am old enough to remember when the first series ran in the 90s. It pissed a lot of magicians off. They even had a special where they went through a program with a "circle of faces." And throughout the program they would eliminate them one by one and the last one left was the masked magician. So they did unmask him in the 90s.

Now, I don't know if it is going to be the same guy or what HOWEVER I am still very excited about the new shows. BUT one thing puzzles me? I have set my recorder to record ALL the Episodes. When it starts up (the show). You can see that the Masked Magician is going to expose Chris Angel (sp). It is pretty obvious there with the flying, water walking and wood chipper thing. But I have not seen these tricks done by the Masked Magician? Did I miss something? He came on I think Monday nights for like 3 weeks, then - nothing. I don't see any future broadcasts. Did someone get to them and make them pull the broadcast before it aired? What is happening? Because I wanted to see those Chris Angel tricks.

E-mail me if you know or hear something - anybody. E-mail:

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paulymindfreak said...

yaeh i love ur show, but i like much moooooore criss angel, so how did u noe that criss uses stooges and computer edits,??have u ever been a stooge 4 him??

MINDFREAK101 said...

at least someone came like paulymindfreak... i thank you my name is antonio and i'm one of th topppest fan to criss angel i've seen him live in many show and i can swearrrrr.... THAT CRISS do not use any camera tricks or video editing... I SWEAAR... what you see is what you get... i saw him live levitati\ng a woman.. that was incredible... believe me and that masked magician is a peace of shit... man what's up with you... show me one magician known in the world with all his awards like criss .. let's be logic if really what the masked magician showed us... he shloud be the worlds num1 illusionist.. so why criss had the magician of the year each year and the magician of the decade and international magician?? btw in CNN channel he had in interview and he talked about his show... so admitted or not beLIEve it or not... CRISS is the best BEST best